Supra Update

For Supra subscribers who request to put their eKEY account on hold at this time, Supra will waive the activation fee through at least May when they restart service and will revisit the dates as things progress, we have new information. Supra has informed us that CORE agents who have keys issued out of CORE’s Trenton office should reach out directly to CORE, as Supra agents are unable to help with this. If you have an eKey issued by any other organization (board, MLS, etc.), you will need to contact that organization to see if they are participating in this option. If your eKey was issued by CORE in Trenton and you’d like to temporarily suspend your eKey, please contact, and please provide your NRDS # (*see below if you don’t know it), and your Supra eKey serial number and PIN. Please note that during the suspension period you will not have access to your showing data. Currently, they will honor the waiver of the $50 activation fee until sometime in May but have not given us a specific date when your key must be reactivated in order to avoid the fee. * Not sure about your Realtor member number? Click here to find your NRDS ID online.