Remote Operations Spring 2020

In accordance with federal and state recommendations regarding COVID-19 social distancing, CORE has moved to remote work operations for all staff effective, Thursday, March 19, for the foreseeable future.


Administrative and program staff will be reachable via email as follows:


Anne Rendle, Chief Executive Officer


Ashlee Carlson, Director of Finance & Operations


Craig Pantellere, Director of Education & Events


Ester Rodriguez, Director of Communications


Shontya Mitchell, Membership Manager


Mary Vervan, Member Services Coordinator & Executive Assistant


Joanne Janish, Member Services Coordinator


The phones at both offices will be forwarded to several staff members, who will either help the person calling or have that person called back by another staff person.


We strongly encourage sending documents to CORE electronically as much as possible. If you do mail us documents, please be aware that best practice at this time is to set aside paper items for a week to allow any virus to die before handling, so there will be a delay in follow-up on anything that is mailed to us.


Also to avoid sharing paper, credit card payments are preferred. Checks are particularly worrisome as a virus transmission. However, we will continue to accept check payments and will take steps to avoid transmission of virus that may be present. However, there will be a delay in processing to allow time for any virus to die before we open mail.


During this time, please do not fax items to our office since our fax machine is incapable of digitizing and emailing faxes to our staff. Therefore, please send anything you would have sent by fax to us via email to


Additionally, all in-person classes, events, and meetings have been suspended until further notice. A wide range of classes are now offered online. Please visit the CORE Calendar to see our course offerings. Additionally, click here for the latest on other online and education options.


Please be assured that CORE will continue to provide the best possible service during this extraordinary time. Thank you for your membership in CORE. We will continue to keep you updated to the best of our ability. I wish everyone good health and best wishes.