New Jersey Referral Network, LLC

THE NEW JERSEY REFERRAL NETWORK, LLC, thru the relationship of NCJAR, offers the membership the opportunity to utilize their license without sending it to lay dormant in the NJ Real Estate Commission’s files. We offer the following:

    1. If an agent does not opt to pay dues, but wishes to remain active in our business, they may join our referral network, and have the opportunity to utilize that license and earn a commission by merely making a phone call to our office.
    2. Your present Broker of Record must inactivate your license online with the NJREC.
    3. The cost of the license transition from the Real Estate Commission is $25.00.
    4. The cost to change your license type to “Referral” is $50.00
    5. The fee for the New Jersey Referral Network is $125.00
    6. Make out a check for $200.00 to the New Jersey Referral Network.

Broker of Record, Gary Large
Phone 973-425-0189
Fax 973-425-2015