The Quarter Century Club honors NJ REALTOR® members who have served as REALTORS® or REALTOR-
ASSOCIATES® faithfully for 25 years. We urge you to recognize the members who have attained their 25-year mark this year.

The Quarter Century Club requirements are:

1. Membership is open to members of NEW JERSEY REALTORS® only, both REALTORS®

2. NEW JERSEY REALTORS® membership for 25 years (need not be consecutive). Those persons who have
been in the real estate business but NOT members of NEW JERSEY REALTORS® for 25 years are NOT

3. Members will be requested to send applications/proof to associations by September 6, 2019.

5. Pin and certificate for recipients will be purchased from NEW JERSEY REALTORS® ($10.00 per member)
and distributed by the association.

6. Burden of proof of membership and time served is the responsibility of the applicant.