Disclosure That Certain Drinking Water Serviced by Trenton Water Works May Be Contaminated with Lead


Issue: Some of the water service supplied by Trenton Water Works (TWW) to the residents of Trenton and four neighboring municipalities – Ewing, Hamilton, Hopewell, and Lawrence Townships— may be contaminated with lead as a result of corrosion in the water distribution system and household plumbing.


According to a press release from the State of New Jersey and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, TWW and the City of Trenton have not complied with the Safe Drinking Water Act. They allege that TWW has not replaced many aged and corroding lead service lines and have not satisfied a series of other operational maintenance obligations. As a result of this, the State filed a lawsuit asking the Court to address the alleged violations at TWW.


Recommended Action: We have posted three documents on our website and it is recommended that you provide all three of them to every buyer who is looking for a home in any area serviced by TWW. If the sellers are providing a Sellers’ Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS) for any listing in that area, it also is recommended that the sellers attach the three documents to the SPDS and reference the lawsuit and attached documents in response to question #40, which deals with water-related problems. Finally, it is recommended that, if the sellers are not providing a SPDS, that the buyers’ or sellers’ agent have the buyers sign the press release, with the broker keeping a copy of the signed release on file. To view the documents, click on the following: