Affiliate Membership in the CORE Association of REALTORS®


Affiliate membership in the CORE Association of Realtors is by company and includes businesspeople with an interest in real estate but who do not hold a real estate license. Affiliate membership is designed for lenders, appraisal companies, accounting firms, attorneys, printers, landscapers, moving companies, home stagers, and any other businesses that would benefit from association membership. CORE Affiliate members are eligible for member discounts at our events, on our products and services, and on advertising and sponsorship at CORE in order to reach our 4,700+ Realtor members in Hunterdon, Mercer, and Somerset counties.


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How CORE Affiliate Membership Helps Your Business


Business Contacts
Membership opens a whole new world of business contacts through involvement in committees, classes, seminars, special events, community outreach activities, and more!

Affiliate members receive a discount on CORE room rentals and discounts via the National Association of Realtors on products and services you use every day — including insurance, shipping, technology products, car rentals, and more!

Affiliate members have the opportunity to reach CORE’s 4,600+ Realtor members through a wide range of sponsorships, including regular educational offerings and special events throughout the year, as well as our member communications.

Every Affiliate member’s contact information is prominently displayed on our website, along with a link to your website. New Affiliate members are also “welcomed” in an edition of our e-Newsletter.

CORE produces a weekly e-Newsletter and has active social media to keep members informed and updated on CORE offerings, real estate issues, fellow members, and other hot topics.

CORE regularly holds continuing education classes, which all Realtors need to maintain their professional licensure, as well as seminars, lunch and learns, national certification and designation courses, and other professional development opportunities. Affiliate members may take the classes to build their knowledge, offer to teach in their area of expertise, and/or sponsor education programs at CORE.

If your company does business in any real estate-related field, then any government actions affecting real estate also impact you. Realtors help bring about many beneficial changes by making their voices heard, and that helps your business, too!

Staff Support
Have questions? Need help? CORE’s friendly and helpful staff is ready to answer your questions and help you make the most of your membership.

The most important part of CORE is its members, and only YOU can make CORE work for you by participating in activities and becoming involved. CORE is where you belong!


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