Gov. Murphy New Executive Order –
New Private Workplace COVID Standards
On October 29, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 192, which mandates private and public companies to implement uniform health and safety standards protecting all workers. This order will go into effect on Thursday, November 5, 6:00 am and requires the following:
  • Workers maintain at least six feet of distance from one another to the maximum extent possible.
  • Employees, customers, visitors, and other individuals entering the worksite to wear cloth or disposable face masks while on the premises, with limited exceptions.
  • Employers must make available, at their expense, such face masks to their employees.
  • Companies provide workers, customers, and visitors with sanitizing materials, such as hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol and sanitizing wipes, at no cost to those individuals.
  • Companies ensure that employees practice regular hand hygiene, particularly when such employees interact with the public, and provide employees break time for repeated hand washing throughout the workday and access to adequate handwashing facilities.
  • Companies routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched areas.
  • All workers undergo a health screening before every shift.
  • Employees to be immediately separated and sent home if they appear to have symptoms.
  • Prompt notification of all employees of any known exposure to COVID-19 at the worksite.
NJ Realtors and CORE are both currently adjusting their plans for employees within our offices. New Jersey Realtors has also reached out to the Governor’s office for further clarification on how it will affect our members and their everyday business practices. New Jersey Realtors will continue to update everyone once they receive further explanation, and their online resources will also be updated accordingly to reflect those changes.